Now that I know the fashion police isn’t real…

Back in the day when I believed fashion rules consisted of color coordinating your handbag with your shoes, never wearing navy with black, or white after Labor Day, I fancied myself for being pretty well informed in the sartorial realm. I abided by those rules as if the fashion police were real. I would look thru fashion magazines and be fascinated by the interesting ensembles and fashion choices and think, That’s for crazy hardcore fashionistas, I could never pull that off. I would always use my lack of resources (time and money) as an excuse for not having the guts to experiment outside of my sensible, practical comfort zone.

I like to believe that I’ve evolved since then. I’m older, not necessarily wiser, but definitely more comfortable in my own skin. I’m more aware of which silhouettes flatter my body shape and what’s not going to work no matter how much I try. Now that I know the fashion police isn’t real, my style is no longer defined by rules but by my creative ability to put shapes and colors together that make sense for my body.

As a mom, I always struggle with modesty and being age appropriate as I’d like to set a good example for my daughters. Fashion doesn’t have to be extravagant or attention-seeking just as modesty doesn’t have to be frumpy. Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I have to wear mommy jeans and frumpy dresses. I often say to my own mom, “just because you’re a grandma doesn’t mean you have to wear polyester pants and moo moos” (not that she does, she’s actually quite stylish). By the same token, I’ve never seen a middle-aged woman look good in an ultra mini skirt. And believe me, I’ve got a few BFFs on hand who’d be glad to slap me silly as soon as I start trying too hard. At the end of the day, it’s about what fits your body and what makes you feel comfortable and confident at the same time. I have a renewed passion for fashion and my number one rule, “No more fashion rules!”