High Five on the Fashion List


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While most people are probably refining their holiday list right about now, I’m still checking off items from my fall shopping list. The holidays won’t be here for at least another month so what’s the rush? Seriously, I was shopping for some Halloween stuff in mid-October and when I peaked around the corner to the next aisle, to my surprise, they were already stocking the shelves with Christmas decorations and supplies. I felt a twinge of panic. I feel like every year, the retail industry gears up for the holidays earlier and earlier. I, for one, am determined to stay in the fall mode for as long as I can.

I’m never one to rush out to acquire the latest styles as soon as they’re on the rack. Simply put, I can’t afford to purchase things at full price. But it’s also because it takes me a while to decide what I like and which items are worth adding to my wardrobe. Now is the best time to shop for those fall trends I’ve been eyeing for a while at bargain prices. The above are my list of must-haves that can be easily transitioned from fall to winter with the right mix of layers.

1. Oversized Sweater – they’re everywhere and they come in different colors and textures (more here and here)

2. Grid/Windowpane Print – one of my current obsessions is anything in this print, from dresses to sweaters and skirts (more here, here and here)

3. Graphic/Embellished Sweatshirts – one of my favorite current trends and there are tons of choices (more here, here and here)

4. Menswear Inspired Blazers – love the idea of a feminine fitted blazer with traditional menswear fabric and patterns (more here and here)

5. Zippered Sweater Jacket – I’ve been looking for a layering piece that is thicker than a cardigan and less structured than a blazer and this is it (more here and here)