Outfit Highlight: Closet Revival

Closet Revival
clo·set re·viv·al
: renewed attention to or interest in an article of clothing
: a new presentation of an old article of clothing

Unless you’re made of money, most of us have probably exhausted our winter clothing budget. Although it has been getting a teeny bit warmer, I’m still not ready for full-on spring attire. So I thought this was a good time for a closet revival. I kinda like the sound of that…closet revival. Maybe I’ll make it into a regular series. I went thru my closet and picked out a few items that I hadn’t worn in a while and thought I’d revive them by styling them in a new way. Most of us already do this on a regular basis so it’s nothing new. Whenever I go thru my closet, I always find a few items that I forgot I even had. It’s like finding money in your pocket you forgot was there. You feel like you’ve gained something even though you’ve had it all along. It’s funny how I kind of see these items from a new perspective and I start mentally pairing them with different things that I hadn’t thought of before and then all of a sudden it’s like I have a whole new set of outfits!

With the exception of the bag and shoes, I’ve featured all of the items in this outfit in previous posts (Forever 21 tee | BCBG blazer | Paige jeans). I love the fact that this “revived” outfit went perfectly with my new bag and shoes. I absolutely love these Aldo heels. They’re comfortable, not too high and I love the combination of texture, prints and colors. I adore the look of high heels but I can’t walk in them. Anything over 4 inches makes me feel like I’m walking on stilts. (I talk about this in a previous post.) So even though I always find myself swooning over really high stiletto heels, the practical me always ends up opting for the lower than 4-inch heels.

Today’s natural high: I’m always honored to be included in the How I Wear My series and have so much fun seeing how all the stylish ladies wear the featured item of the month. This month’s featured item was boots. Check them out at The Rich Life (on a budget) and Everything Just So.





Forever 21 top (similar here and here) | BCBG blazer (similar) | Paige jeans (also here) | Calvin Klein bag | Aldo heels | necklace (old, at Nordstrom stores)

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26 thoughts on “Outfit Highlight: Closet Revival

  1. Love the closet revival idea and even more I looooove those Aldo Shoes, too! Glad to know they’re pretty comfortable. I’m with you…I love the look of 4″ heels but in my life they are only car-to-bar footwear, and those nights are not so frequent in my life and I do a lot of walking in a typical day that would kill me if I wore stilettos! -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  2. I just love these jeans on you! What a gorgeous color! And those shoes are perfection. Love the lower heel height!

  3. I feel like shopping everything you post; like all the time! BUT I think I may have to do a closet revival as well. I do have a problem and I must be admitted, but after I buy those shoes…haha, maybe!


  4. So, I’m really bad at having to hand wash my delicates. Sometimes it will sit in the dirty pile forever. The best is when I actually find time to wash these things and I can wear them again – talk about reviving my closet! 🙂 Loving those pants and heels! I am certain I could wear everything in your wardrobe! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Its so wonderful when we can kind of re-purpose things to make them feel new!! I love this outfit!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Funday Monday!


  6. love it! I do the same…and AM doing the same this week as the temps are down again and there is NO CHANCE for Spring inspired outfits …YET! Love the color of the skinnies and those sunnies are badass. Thx for linking up with Monday Mingle!

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