Easing My Way Back

Easing My Way Back
I had mentioned back in the beginning of November (here) that I was hanging up my running shoes until the spring. Well, spring is here but it forgot to bring along the warmer weather. When I heard we were going to hit the upper 50s in the beginning of this week, I was ready to put on my running kicks and hit the pavement.

I decided to ease my way back and walk the first mile because I knew that if I started running from the get-go, I would have given up in the first two minutes. I had been doing the elliptical about three times a week throughout the winter but it’s just not the same. Unfortunately, it’s sort of hilly where I live so it makes things a little more challenging especially when you’re starting out.

It was a glorious day, the sky was a clear blue, birds were chirping and I was praising God above for the beauty of His creation. The temperature was just the right amount of nippy for a run. I started my leisurely jog in the second mile and I was doing fine, just taking in the beautiful surroundings and the fresh air until I ran into this, [cue screeching sound of car hitting the brakes]…


…continuous patches of unmelted snow in my favorite running trail! There was no way around it. I would have run on the road but this particular section has very narrow shoulders with cars zooming by on a pretty regular basis. So I had to walk for the latter part of the third leg. But I’d like to point out that I was walking really fast, almost like an angry march. I was able to run the last quarter mile of the course. It was all in all a very patchy run. What can I say? It’s a start.

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