Good Finds for Mother’s Day

Clockwise from center: One Thousand Gifts book | Hunter boots | Flower Muse flowers | Red Envelope personalized pillow | Nike+ SportWatch GPS

1. One Thousand Gifts (for every mom) – I really can’t think of a better gift for any mom. I remember spotting this book cover several times but I didn’t bother to pay closer attention until a friend of mine recommended it. I’m so glad she did. I had a chance to read the first chapter and it’s, in one word, captivating. This book is the source of inspiration that every mom, every person needs.

2. Hunter boots (for the trendy mom) – If your mom does not own a pair of Hunter boots it’s because she’s waiting for you to get her a pair. They’re super cute, stylish and functional. What more do you need? Red ones would be great but they come in a variety of colors to match your mom’s personality.

3. Fresh flowers from Flower Muse (for the green thumb mom) – Both my mom and I love fresh flowers. The only difference between us is that she has a green thumb and I don’t. Sometimes she’ll take my orchids to her house to “revive” them and bring them back when they’re healthy again. Sometimes delivered flowers can be disappointing either because the flowers went thru a long process to get to your house, or because it came from a local store and they didn’t have exactly what was ordered at the time. Flower Muse ships fresh flowers directly from their farms, which not only cuts down on the delivery time but also ensures that you get exactly what you want in good condition. If one bouquet is not enough, you can purchase a subscription so your mom can receive a new bouquet of flowers every month.

4. Red Envelope personalized pillow (for the sentimental mom) – This adorable pillow is perfect for the mom who would love to have a keepsake with her children’s name on it. It’s simple, whimsical, with a personal touch.

5. Nike+ Sportwatch GPS (for the active mom) – Not all moms like girly stuff. This sleek watch is both functional and stylish and would come in very handy for an active mom who runs and works out on a regular basis.

As I was writing this I realized that this could be my own wish list for Mother’s Day 🙂 .


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