High Five for Friday

This past Monday was my last BSF (Bible Study & Fellowship) meeting and we finished studying the book of Matthew. This was my first year at BSF and I have nothing but good things to say about this faithful group of women. I learned so much from digging deep into the Word as well as listening to women from all walks of life share the wisdom they’ve gained from the weekly passages. I am so looking forward to this fall when we reconvene to study the life of Moses.

As part of Celebration of Learning at my daughter’s school, they’ve asked us to send in a picture of our child reading a book. I’m so thankful for my girls’ love of reading. They’re all avid readers and thankfully their interest doesn’t seem to be fading as they get older. I’m trying to get them to spend more time reading and less time playing games in their iPad, iPod, etc. Let’s just say it’s a work in progress.

We got to attend my eldest daughter’s art exhibition at her school this past Wednesday and this is one of her works. I’m thankful that she will be attending an art camp this summer to further explore her interest in art.

I don’t cook Korean food very often, mainly because a lot of the dishes are labor intensive and require ahead of time preparation. I’ve been able to find a handful of Korean dishes that are quick and easy to make and that, thankfully, my kids love. We had easy Korean this past week for the first time in a while and I’m thankful that my kids’ palates are amenable to foods other than pizza and mac and cheese.

I am truly thankful that my mom’s cancer treatment is going well and she is healthy enough to travel. She left for New York today to see family and will be going on a cruise to the Caribbean. So happy for her…and a little jealous she’ll get to enjoy some warm weather 🙂 .

Have a great weekend!


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4 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. You have so many wonderful gifts to be thankful for! Giving God a high-five comes from your awesome heart of thankfulness. Many blessing this weekend…<…Cathy

  2. Aw I will be praying for your mom. Also I attended a few BSF studies and did learn some new content (I learn new things all the time in Gods word) but I felt BSF wasn’t for me, I guess it was too structured than what I am comfortable with, but I am glad to read you have seemed to love it. I know many other ladies and friends that love it and continue going. Your daughter is beautiful and the picture is adorable, I am sure her teacher and peers will love it. Happy Tuesday. Rachel xo btw- thank you for visiting my blog. I will bloglovin follow you. I love meeting other Christian bloggers/moms. Feel free to follow back. Rachel xo

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