Hiro to the Rescue: Your Bad Hair Days Are Over!

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Source: Salon Hiro

Psst! Hey ladies, I have a secret to tell you. If left untouched, my hair is really wavy and frizzy. I was born with silky straight hair but once I hit puberty, my hair started to grow out into a thick uncontrollable wavy mane. But that’s a whole other story. If you look at my blog pictures, besides the loose curls from a curling iron, my hair is pretty straight. So how did I turn my untamed frizzy mane into silky smooth tresses, you ask? Well, first let me say I get my hair straightened with the Yuko Hair Straightening System, which is a process of chemically straightening your hair, also known as a straight perm. Yuko treated hair remains straight until new hair grows out. There are several other straightening systems out there but Yuko is one of the originals and the one I’ve used for the past 7-8 years or so. Continue reading

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