Outfit Highlight: Closet Revival

Closet Revival

clo·set re·viv·al a : renewed attention to or interest in an article of clothing b : a new presentation of an old article of clothing Unless you’re made of money, most of us have probably exhausted our winter clothing budget. Although it … Continue reading

Outfit Highlight: Black, White and Gray All Over

I suppose I should have been wearing orange, blue or green, but really I was feeling kinda neutral yesterday. These are my go-to colors right here: black, white and gray. As I mentioned in a previous post here, my natural … Continue reading

Outfit Highlight: Pink is for Pride

The hot pink scarf and clutch really liven up this otherwise monochromatic outfit. I’m not a big fan of color coordinating my accessories but this time I just couldn’t resist. The clutch is way too cute to pass up. The … Continue reading

Outfit Highlight: Cozy Knits

I rarely wear short skirts in the wintertime mainly because I like to keep my legs protected from the piercing cold. But the coziness of this outfit with the oversized cable knit sweater and knit flared skirt almost compensates for … Continue reading