High on the Word: What God Desires

I had mentioned in this post back in November that I was studying the life of Moses with my local BSF group. We started with Exodus and we have recently completed Leviticus. I wanted to revisit the idea of holiness, a central theme in Leviticus, and share with you a few nuggets of truth that have been reinforced throughout this bible study through Scripture, notes, lectures and discussions shared among the participants.

The book of Leviticus is filled with instructions on how to approach and worship God by way of offerings, rules and regulations related to ceremonial purification, and guidelines for holy living. The instructions are detailed and God makes it clear that they are to be followed just as He commanded. We also learn about the different holy days that were to be observed annually, which, in one way or another, served as a reminder of the Israelites’ relationship with God. Continue reading