Outfit Highlight: Bell Bottoms and Bell Tops

skinny flare jeans, bell bottoms, bell sleeves, Tory Burch, the Gap, Kate Spade olive crossbody, bell sleeve cardigan, Sam Edelman leopard pumps, calfskin, Madewell arrow necklace

Happy Monday, my friends!

I’m so grateful that we’re having a real fall season this year. Temperatures are staying reasonably mild, which was not the case around this time the last couple of years. Our family had a busy weekend but it was a good busy. The five of us got to serve lunch together and get to know underprivileged families at a church in the inner city of Detroit. I’m really looking forward to doing more of these types of activities as a family.

70s-inspired looks are on full force so I was excited to re-acquaint myself with flare jeans, which we’re seeing everywhere these days.  Continue reading