Outfit Highlight: Boldness

J.Crew peacoat, cobalt blue, bold colors, J.Crew grid print dress, windowpane, bold prints, Zara booties, Clare V. clutch, leopard print, fall fashion, fall to winter, boldness

Happy Monday, my friends!

When I think of bold fashion, I automatically think of striking colors, eye-catching prints and patterns, or a mix of all three for a final look that stands out. It’s about going out of your norm, trying something different and new. Similar to fashion, boldness in life requires us to step out of our comfort zone, to not be afraid to be different and go against the flow, even if the choice we make is not necessarily the most popular one. It’s about following your heart even if the path you choose may not lead to success as the world defines it. Continue reading

Outfit Highlight: Gold Buttons and Macarons

nautical, Zara, white skort, denim cutoff top, Banana Republic wedge sandals, macarons, Macaron Cafe

Happy Monday, my friends!

We finally reached the high 80s over the weekend. This is what summer is supposed to be like and I am not complaining. The best part of summer is the fact that I get to wear shorts, skirts, as well as skorts, like this one from Zara. I love the gold button detail on this skort. They give a nautical vibe, one of my favorite looks for summer. And I know we love our denim cutoff shorts but what about about a denim cutoff top! The frayed edges on this Zara top adds a relaxed casual feel to this boxy denim shirt. I could seriously wear this outfit every day. Continue reading

Outfit Highlight: Foxy Polka Dots


Happy Monday indeed, my friends! It was nice and sunny yesterday and it’s supposed to go up to the mid-60s today. Yay!

I’m so happy about this outfit because there is not a single recent purchase in this entire ensemble. I did some closet revival over the weekend and came up with this brand new combo. My favorite part of this polka dot shirt are the cute little red-tailed foxes interspersed with the white polka-dots. One of my best finds at the Gap. And the red cropped military style jacket from Club Monaco was my first Poshmark purchase. I still remember being super excited about getting it for $15! And do you know how excited I am about wearing a skirt without tights? I can’t even tell you. Continue reading

Outfit Highlight: Gold, White and Blue

Forever 21 sweater, Aritzia tunic, white jeans, J.Crew trench coat

Happy Monday, my friends!

Do you know what’s harder than coming back from a vacation? Coming back to bitter cold temperatures. Talk about a jolt back to reality! But again, the weather is playing nice and decided to warm up a bit over the weekend, and hence the outdoor photos of me seemingly enjoying the balmy weather.

I don’t know if the mounds of untouched white snow in my backyard was the source of inspiration but, for whatever reason, I was really in the mood for white jeans. Continue reading