Weekend Wish List: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2015

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TGIF, my friends!

Ok, who’s not excited about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? No one! If you haven’t purchased a few items already, I know you have at least started browsing thru the plethora of goodies at amazingly reduced prices. I, for one, haven’t had the time to stop by a store, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing a little shopping online and adding a few items to my shopping cart. I will definitely have to comb thru the selections more carefully but I wanted to share my initial list. See my comments below each item to find out why these are my favorites so far. Continue reading

Black Friday Sales


Happy Black Friday!

I don’t dare set foot in a mall on Black Friday. I just don’t do well with crowds. They bring out the worst in me, so I stay away. But that doesn’t mean I forego shopping on the biggest sales day of the year. Quite the opposite. I do all my shopping in the comfort of my own home, in my PJs with a laptop and coffee in hand. I thought I’d share some of my picks from my favorite stores with you while I’m at it. Enjoy! Continue reading