Outfit Highlight: Boldness

J.Crew peacoat, cobalt blue, bold colors, J.Crew grid print dress, windowpane, bold prints, Zara booties, Clare V. clutch, leopard print, fall fashion, fall to winter, boldness

Happy Monday, my friends!

When I think of bold fashion, I automatically think of striking colors, eye-catching prints and patterns, or a mix of all three for a final look that stands out. It’s about going out of your norm, trying something different and new. Similar to fashion, boldness in life requires us to step out of our comfort zone, to not be afraid to be different and go against the flow, even if the choice we make is not necessarily the most popular one. It’s about following your heart even if the path you choose may not lead to success as the world defines it. Continue reading

Outfit Highlight: Working on the Grid

J.Crew wool coat, Zara grid print skirt, Gap chambray shirt, leopard clutch, Zara booties, windowpane
I’ve been obsessed with grid prints and windowpane prints for a couple of years now. Every time I see an outfit with a grid print piece or see a post about grid/windowpane prints, I automatically zero in my attention. I’ve already featured two windowpane print tops on the blog (as shown below) but I had been wanting a grid/windowpane print bottom for a while. So when I found a grid print skirt during Zara’s end of season sale earlier this year, it seemed like a no-brainer. Of course, I had to get it. Continue reading

Outfit Highlight: Pink is for Pride

The hot pink scarf and clutch really liven up this otherwise monochromatic outfit. I’m not a big fan of color coordinating my accessories but this time I just couldn’t resist. The clutch is way too cute to pass up. The … Continue reading