Outfit Highlight: Foxy Polka Dots


Happy Monday indeed, my friends! It was nice and sunny yesterday and it’s supposed to go up to the mid-60s today. Yay!

I’m so happy about this outfit because there is not a single recent purchase in this entire ensemble. I did some closet revival over the weekend and came up with this brand new combo. My favorite part of this polka dot shirt are the cute little red-tailed foxes interspersed with the white polka-dots. One of my best finds at the Gap. And the red cropped military style jacket from Club Monaco was my first Poshmark purchase. I still remember being super excited about getting it for $15! And do you know how excited I am about wearing a skirt without tights? I can’t even tell you. Continue reading

Outfit Highlight: The Art of Layering

J.Crew Regent blazer, Zara stripe tee, Gap chambray shirt, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Kate Spade crossbody, Vans slip-ons, layering
Slip-ons…oh how I’ve missed you! We finally reached temperatures in the 40s over the weekend. I kid you not, there are people going around in shorts as if we’re having beach weather. It’s not quite warm enough to be wearing shorts for me but I did not hesitate to break out my Vans slip-ons. I just couldn’t wait to wear them again.

This is the thing, we’re less than two weeks away from spring but it sure doesn’t look like spring is just around the corner in these parts. My mind, however, has already bid farewell to winter, so I’m trying to forego the heavy winter coat the minute I get the chance. But how do you stay warm in 40 degree weather without a winter coat? Say hello to layering. Continue reading