Outfit Highlight: Boldness

J.Crew peacoat, cobalt blue, bold colors, J.Crew grid print dress, windowpane, bold prints, Zara booties, Clare V. clutch, leopard print, fall fashion, fall to winter, boldness

Happy Monday, my friends!

When I think of bold fashion, I automatically think of striking colors, eye-catching prints and patterns, or a mix of all three for a final look that stands out. It’s about going out of your norm, trying something different and new. Similar to fashion, boldness in life requires us to step out of our comfort zone, to not be afraid to be different and go against the flow, even if the choice we make is not necessarily the most popular one. It’s about following your heart even if the path you choose may not lead to success as the world defines it. Continue reading

Outfit Highlight: Rose Colored Touches

J.Crew navy skirt, Express Barcelona cami, Forever 21 pink leather moto jacket, BCBG burgundy clutch, Louise et Cie blush pump, pink pumps, fall transition, office style, work fashion

Happy Monday, everyone!

As I was looking through my summer fashion posts, I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve gotten dressed up to go anywhere. I was getting too comfortable in my summer t-shirt and shorts combos. So I decided to dress it up a bit for this post. Why not, right? For one, it’s always a good excuse to make a date night. If you’re all dressed up, you might as well go somewhere. Secondly, I kind of miss looking polished every day and having somewhat intelligent adult conversation. Now that all my girls are in school full time, could I possibly consider going back to work? Not impossible. And last but not least, this past weekend marked this little blog’s 2-year anniversary. So I guess it’s good reason to dress up and celebrate!
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