Outfit Highlight: The 40-Year-Old School Girl?


If the title hasn’t turned you off and you’re still reading… First off, I cannot believe that it’s sweater weather already! I’m in denial and refuse to believe that summer is over. Now that I got that out of the way. When I first tried on this outfit, I inadvertently muttered to myself, “I look like a school girl.” My oldest daughter was watching me at the time and after a few minutes of my posing in front of the mirror she uttered the words that I was dreading to hear, “Mom, that outfit is not age appropriate.” I quickly went thru a mental checklist. Does it show too much skin? No. Is the skirt too short? Not really. Is it too cutesy? I don’t think so. Does it have Hello Kitty displayed anywhere? No. Ok, I think I’m good. I like to believe that my daughter is just not used to seeing me wear anything shorter than a knee length skirt. Just to make sure, I paired it with a leather jacket and high-heeled booties. I could only wish I looked like a school girl.


IMG_4645 copy

IMG_4615 copy
Hinge sweater (here) | Club Monaco skirt (similar here and here) | Oh! Shoes booties (here and here) | Bernardo leather jacket (similar herehere and here) | B. Makowsky satchel (similar here and here) | Ray-Ban sunglasses (here)