Outfit Highlight: Cozy Knits

I rarely wear short skirts in the wintertime mainly because I like to keep my legs protected from the piercing cold. But the coziness of this outfit with the oversized cable knit sweater and knit flared skirt almost compensates for the exposed legs. It took me a while to find a flared skirt that felt right. Some would be too flared, others too short, yet others too long and not flared enough. This knit skirt from H&M felt just right and so did the price. And by the way, I finally got my rose colored shades.

During this Advent season, I thought I’d start something new. For every posting, I’d like to share a natural high, or something I’m thankful for that day or week. Again, just a reminder to myself and hopefully to others of our abundant blessings, and how small simple things in life can truly make a difference.

So my natural high for today: My second daughter and I worked on a school project over the weekend. I’m the first to admit that I’m not one of those crafty moms and I dread it when any of my kids bring home a project from school that supposedly they’re to work on with a parent. It always ends up being more homework for mom. But I must say, I enjoyed doing this one with my daughter perhaps because the project involved creating a poster board about her life, which included her baby pictures, family pictures, travels, hobbies, likes and dislikes. It made me realize that time flies and I need to be in the moment and enjoy every minute of it.




Loft sweater (similar here) | H&M skirt (similar here) | Zara ankle boots | Coach sunglasses | clutch (at DSW stores)

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