Outfit Highlight: Cobalt and Short Skirts

Cobalt Blue and Short Skirts 1
Aesthetically speaking, I couldn’t tell you why I didn’t feature this top sooner. I love Zara and I love cobalt. I’m embarrassed to say this item fell victim to the occasional “buy it and forget it” syndrome. I bought this top a while back and forgot that I had it. I found it somewhere in the back of my closet with the tags still on. It was one of those out of sight out of mind deals.

So can we talk about skirt length and high heels? For me, the shorter the skirt, the more uncomfortable I feel wearing it with high heels. I think there is a fine line between looking sleek and chic in heels and looking like you’re trying too hard. I must have tried on at least three different pairs of heels with this outfit and somehow, in my eyes, they all looked a bit too risqué. I don’t think the skirt is really all that short. I think I could have easily worn medium heels with this outfit and I probably would have if I were going out on a date night with my hubby, but I wore this outfit to church yesterday so I kept it a little more conservative with the low wedges. Not that my church is that conservative or anything but there is no need to draw unnecessary attention to myself. How about you? How short is too short for you?

Do I look relaxed in these pictures? If I don’t, there is a reason for it. I took these pictures after we had a huge Japanese steakhouse dinner which included an oversized portion of very salty fried rice. I don’t know about you but I get bloated almost immediately. I’m trying very hard to hide my food baby in these pictures and I’m just not enjoying it. I don’t know what I was thinking but sometimes we have to fit in the photo shoots whenever we can, even if it’s after a huge meal, to my dismay.

Cobalt Blue and Short Skirts 2 Cobalt Blue and Short Skirts 3 Cobalt Blue and Short Skirts 4 Cobalt Blue and Short Skirts 5 Cobalt Blue and Short Skirts 6 Cobalt Blue and Short Skirts 7
Zara top (similar here and here) | Club Monaco skirt (similar here and here) | Miztique bag (at T.J.Maxx stores, similar here) | Nine West sandals | Vince Camuto cuff braceletpendulum necklace

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43 thoughts on “Outfit Highlight: Cobalt and Short Skirts

  1. Such a cute look! Love the cobalt and black combo! I tend to wear flats with shorter skirts and a heel with longer skirts.


  2. This outfit is so cute on you! I agree with the skirt length and heels thing too. I have to be super-careful about it as well since I have really long legs. Skirts and dresses always look short on me already without high heels!

  3. This top is amazing! So glad you rediscovered it. I agree that the shorter the skirt (or shorts), the less comfortable I am with heels. I love the shoes you ended up with. I think you could have totally rocked some heels though if you wanted. You look awesome! I love how you tied it all together with your blue bag.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  4. Love the blues, so regal and stylish. Your skirt is simply stunning and a perfect length. Cute handbag! I can never find anything like this when I go into TK Maxx

  5. i love this look! the color looks great on you … i’ve had that happen to me a few times when i bought something and i’ve forgotten about it until much later, but i appreciate it more then! also, i think this skirt length would have been fine too with heels (but it looks great too with the flats you styled it with!). for me, what’s too much are the tight mini skirts + heels, or any skirt higher than the skirt you have on right now. plus, the type of heel makes a difference, too! 🙂

    thanks for stopping by and linking up cynthia! <3
    rhea @ rheaetcetera.com

  6. Haha! I laughed at the salty fried rice comment! I would never be able to tell, lady, you look amazing! And I am totally with you on the shorter the skirt the shorter the heels theory! Just keeps it a little more tasteful. I really adore this outfit on you.

  7. You are so silly….I see no food baby!! Ha!! You look tiny!! I love Zara and fall victim of the buy it and forget about it too. It’s called having a shopping problem! Ha!! Classy style, lady!

  8. for the record, you look tiny and adorable. i love the color of that top so much. i think the mix of blue and black is one of my favorite color combinations
    xo jac

  9. I always feel that Black+Cobalt look beautiful together and I paired up my new Cobalt Dress with Black Accessories on Monday’s post also. I have a similar skirt and shoes. I must try them out with a cobalt top. Love your top and bag, Cynthia.

    Always a pleasure stopping by Fellow Michigander. <3 Ada.

  10. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! And, I love your accessories, especially the bracelet and necklace. This is something I could see myself wearing! I would love a cobalt blue clutch or cross body bag. The skirt is really subtle with the stitching color changes, but it isn’t too much… just perfect!

  11. I love this outfit and flats with the shorter skirt are perfect. I recently got a mini from JCrew and wore flats for the same reason and it totally works here 🙂

  12. Hi Cynthia you look fabulous in this outfit. I definitely love the top. Cobalt blue is also turning into one of my favorite colors. It seems to keep popping up in my wardrobe. I agree with you on the skirt length and heels thing. I think I am actually a little more conservative when it comes to skirt lengths. I prefer knee length or even covering the knee. That’s what I’m comfortable in. Those sandals were a great choice and they show off your great legs. So go for it girl! Thanks for linking up to the #WhatWivesWearLinkUp. Have a great weekend! ~Sherri

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