Recipe Highlight: Korean Noodles with Black Soybean Paste Sauce (Jajangmyeon)

When the weather gets colder, I always seem to crave comfort foods. Jajangmyeon, a Korean-Chinese noodle dish is one of those foods for me and also one of the few Asian dishes that I make on a regular basis. The funny thing is that I didn’t care too much for this dish when I was little but have acquired a taste for it as I got older. The literal translation for ‘jajang’ (also jjajang or chajang) is fried black soybean sauce and ‘myeon’ (also myun) is noodles. It is a popular “fast food” in Korea, enjoyed by both young and old. It is also a staple in the menus of many Korean-Chinese restaurants here in the United States. Continue reading