Black Friday Sales


Happy Black Friday!

I don’t dare set foot in a mall on Black Friday. I just don’t do well with crowds. They bring out the worst in me, so I stay away. But that doesn’t mean I forego shopping on the biggest sales day of the year. Quite the opposite. I do all my shopping in the comfort of my own home, in my PJs with a laptop and coffee in hand. I thought I’d share some of my picks from my favorite stores with you while I’m at it. Enjoy! Continue reading

High on the Word: Thankful for the Ultimate Gift

High on the Word - Thankful for the Ultimate Gift

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

On this Thanksgiving Day, I thought I’d share a few truths that I was reminded of while studying the life of Moses with my local BSF group for the past few months. For these truths, I am truly thankful.

We have followed Moses’ journey with God from the time Moses was called to lead the people out of Egypt through the trials and triumphs they faced as he led the people to the promised land. As the Israelites followed Moses in this journey, it was by no means an easy ride, they experienced a lot of bumps in the road as well as unexpected delays and detours along the way. Despite the fact that God showed the people His awesome power thru some major jaw-dropping miracles, provided for all their needs and then some, and never left their side with His steadfast guidance, the minute they were faced with a difficulty, they were quick to complain and lose faith in God. Continue reading